Impossible to save pipeline locally

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I am encountering an issue while debugging a flow service.
Indeed I am unable to perform “save pipeline locally” because this option is disabled inside the menu, as you can see in the attached picture .

Any suggestions ?
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I just forgot to mention that I am using the designer 9.0, because the developer is no more available in this version.

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Is there anything in your Results windows?
If it’s empty, you won’t get the menu options.

See if you have any result fields populate in the results panel or you can also use savepipelineToFile BIS. To get the file go to IntegrationServer/pipeline folder.

Assuming you have the results set in the Designer pipeline…Try savepipeline to the server or explicit call to savepipelinetoFile service…



You’re right, there is nothing in the Results tab no matter how I debug.
My guess was that it was supposed to display the “current” pipeline results or something.
How does one get it to output something? When I went through the documentation I found explanations about some property named Pipeline debug but it’s not exactly what I want.

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It’s clear that as part of flow service,if the last flow step doesn’t have any output to display then you don’t get option to save the pipeline. Can you try to produce some output and give a try ?



With the developper it was possible to save pipeline locally at any step of the debugging process, as long as variables were available in the current pipeline. That’s what i want to do with the designer(if it’s still possible), ie being able to save pipeline locally at any time while debugging.

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It seems like “save pipeline locally” and the 3 other pipeline options are available only when the last step of the service has outputted variables and not at any time while debugging as with the developer. Too bad because I kind of got used to this functionality !!

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I kind of stumbled upon the solution.
For those who might be interested, if you want to access “pipeline functionalities” while debugging:
-Go to the variables tab, available in the debug perspective
-Click on any variable, this will result in activating 4 icons (
Save IData to local file
Load IData to local file
Save IData to server
Load IData from server
which exactly correspond to
Save pipeline locally

from the developer
, as you can see in the attached picture.
I guess it’s probably described in the documentation but I haven’t looked yet.

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Glad to hear it worked out possible solution for your debugging…thanks for the info back.

You’re welcome !

u can save pipe line locally.
pipeline save.PNG