Impossible to configure a Rest Plugin in Enterprise Manager

Hello !

I wanted to use UM Rest API by configuring a Rest Plugin within an interface created in Enterprise Manager.

As I use the default interface, the Plugin Tab doesn’t display as it is described in the screenshot joined.

I don’t know why it is like that since in the documentation there no indication that I should configure or install something.

We are using webMethodss 10.1.

Thank you for your help.

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It sounds like the plugins have been disabled, there is a file located within the installer at INSTALL_LOCATION/UniversalMessaging/server/SERVER_INSTANCE_NAME/plugins/plugin.cfg

There is two things you could do, check that this file is empty and add manually the plugins you want enabled or rename the file and restart the server, it should automatically create the file with all plugins enabled.



Hello Joshua !

First thank you for your answer.

I followed your instructions but I didn’t work :
I found and renamed the file plugin.cfg. Then I restarted the um server.
The file plugin.cfg was created with all the plugin but no tab Plugin was found on the interface even if I created a new one.

Please find joined another screenshot of Enterprise Manager plugin config.

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No problems, hopefully we get a solution soon.

Feel free to contact support if this is urgent as they will be able to help sooner :slight_smile:

Enterprise Manager will need a restart once you restarted the server to recreate the plugin.cfg so ensure you have done that, if that does not help I have attached a plugin.cfg, could you validate that what the generated one looks similar.

Could you also provide the fix level of UM Server and Enterprise Manager and I will try the same fix level?

Could you also lower the UM Server log level to 0/trace this is done via the config tab in EM “Logging Config” → fLoggerLevel see here for more information about configs

Once you have lowered the log level, restart UM Server, restart EM ensure the issue is reproduced and collect the nirvana.log and plugin logs, from the following locations

plugin.cfg.txt (357 Bytes)

Hello Joshua !

Thank you for your reply.

Please find joined the plugin file generated. The generated one looks similar to yours (there is just one more line).

UM and EM fix level is

I decrease logs level to 0 and restarted the um server and Enterprise Manager. No log is generated in access.log, error.log and plugin.log.

In nirvana.log I found this log :
[Thu May 16 10:34:44 CEST 2019] Feature Plugins not licensed and will be disabled

I think I need a licence…

plugin.cfg.txt (434 Bytes)

Of course the license manager, yes you will need a license that supports the plugin feature set.