Importing XSD's with multiple includes

I have been given an XSD from an external organisation from which to develop a provider Web Service.

 The XSD imports OK (it has multiple includes/imports).  The 2 XSD's form the input Request & output Response of the provider Web Service.

I've created the appropriate flow service and am trying to generate the Web Service Descriptor from the flow service, but, am getting the following error:

“[ISC.0081.9182] Invalid WSDL schema generated for the service signatures or the document types referred by the WSD ‘???’.
To view the generated WSDL change the logging level of Namespace(0081) to Trace.”

I have tried searching for this error on the net and it comes up with 3 hits. 2 of which result in -404 & -500 and the third has no content.

 I personally do not have access to Empower, so cannot search it.

 Has anyone else had this error "[ISC.0081.9182]" ??


Hi David,
Good day .
Can you please tell me which version of IS you are using . if you are using IS 8.0 then you can resolve the issue by applying fix IS_8.0_SP1_Core_Fix15.

Muralidhar reddy

Do you still face the issue?

IS specifics:

OS.Version 11.31
OS.Kernel.bits 64
CPU.type Itanium (ia64)

Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates TNS_9.8_Fix1
Build Number 248

Server Environment
Java Version (52.0)
Java VM Name Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM
Java Build Info 25.11-b03, mixed mode
Java Vendor Hewlett-Packard Co.

Hi David ,
Can you share your IS Log . If you don’t have previous log .please try to recreate it and share with me . try to consider this advice may be it will be useful for you . It is not a recommended practice to copy/paste fields from a generated document types from an XSD. As XSD generated documentTypes contain lot more information specific to XSD. The original XSD Document type has a “Case” field defined as a global element in the XSD. When it is copied, this information is also copied to the new document type. Similar kind of behavior you might experience when using generated document types from other sources like Database, flatfile etcs.

Muralidhar reddy

OK. Got it fixed. Thanks to a SAG Consultant here in Oz…

First: Import the XML Schemas (with however many levels of includes)

Second: Create Flow Service (from which you will generate the WSDL from) with only String/Document representations of the Schemas as Inputs/Outputs (High level representations only).

Third: Generate WSDescriptor from service created from step 2 above.

Four: Change the properties of the WSDL generated above to allow pre 8.2 compatibility & to ignore Xerces validation.

Five: Replace the inputs/outputs of the Service created in Step 2 to be the documents created in Step 1.

Thanks for your time and update. Really helpful to me and others :slight_smile:

The XML Schema in question contained 2 levels of include and was provided by a subsidiary of a rather large global firm…