Importing Schema Definition


I have a schema definition at :

that I want to use to create a database. I am using Tamino 3.1 (starter kit) and am confused whether i need to convert it.

When I import as a DTD I get errors (it is an .xsd) I also notice that this schema has a tsd defintion…

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to create a database from this schema and what the Base URI is for this schema?




you are using Tamino 3.1, here Tamino has the prefix xml assigned to the xml namespace. So just remove the import statement.
You are using groups and attributeGroups. Replace the references to the groups/attributeGroups by their content. You may use the SchemaConversionTools, but in your case I think it is easier to do the few replacements by hand.
If you move to Tamino 4, you have to use the import statement. The xml schema is already stored in Tamino at this schemaLocation:

Hope this helps,