importing HR-XML 'Best Practice'

Hello together,

as we are thinking about using the HR-XML standard as canonical format to exchange HR data, I am trying to import HR-XML with the Developer/IS 6.1.

This seems not to be possible without problems.
I got problems with the modular version and also with the standalone version of the schemas…

The problems are:

  • problems with importing schemas with recursive structures
  • unspecified compiler errors, when importing the schemas
  • problems with imports ???
  • within some of the xsd’s it is difficult to decide, what’s the rootnode
  • other errors…

what are the ‘best practices’ when importing HR-XML?

Help highly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!

Best regards

Hi Thomas,
We are also looking to import some xsds and running into same issues. Were u guys able to solve any of these issues? Any input would be appreciated.

Hello Adnan,

importing recursive schemas will probably possible with webMethods
version 7 (see also advantage).
so importing those HR-XML schemas could only be done after modifying those stylesheets as we are using webMethods 6.1.

Best Regards,