Import Class

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up UM but i already encounter some troubles at the start…
Objects and methods from up classes aren’t resolved by the designer.
I tried some code from the documentation.

String[] RNAME={"nsp://"}; 
nSessionAttributes nsa=new nSessionAttributes(RNAME); 
nSession mySession=nSessionFactory.create(nsa); 

I found that there is some jar (like nClient) which contain those objects/methods.
But i didn’t find out how i can import these jar or some class into my designer…

Thanks for your help.

Hi Alex,

I believe you have already in Java perspective of Designer.

Follow below path to include nClient.jar in your project.

  1. Right Click On project
  2. Build Path → Add External Archives
  3. Select nClient.jar file and finish

Thanks it works like a charm