Implementing webMethods on AWS

To whom it may concern;

I am working in professional services with AWS. A client I have is interested in moving to AWS. They want to utilize webMethods in the cloud. They currently have a webMethods implementation in house. They have yet to provide documentation on the versioning/architecture of the implementation.

To open a general dialogue though:

  1. Is webMethods currently supported on the AWS cloud?
  2. Are there any best practices that you can share for implementing webMethods on AWS?
  3. Can you provide any documentation for implementing webMethods on AWS?

I found online in your forums that webMethods 8 was certified on AWS EC2 back in 2012 but I cannot find any more information about current releases, best practices, etc.

Jon Holt

I have no real-time experience on AWS (due to lack of opportunity :() but I can suggest you few links to start off with.

CloudStreams Connectors

CloudStreams tutorial

Refer 9-8_Administering_CloudStreams.pdf and 9-8_CloudStreams_Development_Help.pdf

Feel free to contact me on my email for more information. I will try my best to help you.

Hi Mahesh,

I appreciate the reply. I am sorry for posting in multiple locations. I was not sure where the best location to post was.

If I am understanding correctly, the cloudstreams are a method for interfacing with given AWS Services.

My question is more towards what are the best practices to migrate an existing webMethods implementation from being hosted in a traditional on-premises data center to being hosted in an AWS VPC.

If cloudstreams are where I should focus my attention or you could point me in the correct direction for my inquiries please advise.

Best Regards,
Jon Holt

You can contact SAG global support with your questions. I am very sure they will be able to provide you some information and pointers.

Please share the information once you hear from them.

Hi Jon

We had set up a webMethods 82 instance on AWS cloud some a few years back.

We created a setup in AWS as our in-house network team was taking a long time to set up our Linux boxes.
So we spun up a Red had Linux instance in AWS and installed the webMethods Servers in it as normal.

Our main intention was to install and start to 'play around ’ with the 82 versions and move the code and make sure it was working well.Once we got our in-house servers we re-installed everything in-house and carried on

If your intention is to have webMethods application set up on the cloud for keeps.You will have to keep a few things in mind

1.Confirm with SAG for the version you are planning to install-We confirmed for 8.2 version.
2.VPN Connectivity with the Client network to allow webM to access internal applications-
3.Keep a dedicated virtual host assigned to your servers so as to not loose it every time the AWS instance is restarted
4.Remove the local firewalls that come with every AWS image(Assuming youi are using Linux)
5.Figure out whhat kind of Load balancer and firewalls you want top use.Im sure AWS must provide some options

AWS is nothing but a way to rent your server horsepower.Once you get your needed image(Linux,UnixmWindows server etc),you can pretty much do whatever you want on it like you would in house.

THis exercise should really be carried out by a webmethods personnel with support from AWS to setup all the plumbing between the Client Network and Amazon


We are posting to AWS webservice connector in 9.7 environment, with no issues.
still the testing in progress.



We plan to use AWS for webmethods 9.12. We shall be hosting API gateway as well. I wanted to know if its possible to use webmethods API gateway on AWS for API management or we necessarily have to use AWS API gateway?

Also, are there any more links for using webmethods API gateway on AWS cloud?


API gateway and Portal already on cloud.