Implementing checkboxes for Task Approvals/Rejections


I need to create check boxes for each of the reasons the user is going to reject the task for:

  1. Please modify the tax identification number to correspond with the
    supporting documents.
  2. Please modify the vendor name to correspond with the supporting
  3. Please modify the vendor address to correspond with the supporting
  4. Please add or modify the vendor suffix to the document.
  5. According to the post office website the address on the APV is invalid.

I was able to display the Check boxes group for the task in MWS but is not clear how to grap what the users have selected.

I wanted to take the response for that task and the checkbox value and update the DB Table with the respective reason.

Can anybody help me please?

Thank you,

You have to use script block to capture the selected value.
A simple java script with jsf expressions to set a variable value will do.

I forgot exact syntax but a bit of search on SAG SDK site will help.


I got it working. It’s very simple! Don’t have to write any code…

Thanks for replying.

Have a great day!