Imp of Acknowledgement modes in JMS trigger

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As part of JMS trigger properties, we do have following ack modes. Can you tell me importance of each n when should we use what.


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Publisher >> Messaging layer >> Subscriber

eg., IS1 >> Broker >> IS2

This acknowledgement is set on the subscriber end. It is an acknowledgement between Broker and IS2 that ensures the message is properly reached IS2 and Broker can delete the message from its queue.

CLIENT ACK - Every request from Broker will wait for an ack from IS2 if the message is received and processed successfully. Only then the message will be removed from Broker. If Broker hasn’t received ack due to network problems, or transient errors or IS2 goes down, the message is resent with incremented redelivery count.

AUTO ACK - Broker will not expect an ack from IS2. Once the message is sent to IS2, Broker will immediately remove the data from its queue no matter if the message has been processed successfully by IS2 or not.

DUPS_OK - Its a lazy acknowledgement mode. For a bunch of messages IS2 will bundle the ack and send back to Broker.

Suggest you look into the documentation that explains more in detail. This is just for quick reference.


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The trigger is marked as CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE. But in the service i am not invoking the pub.jms:acknowledge service to acknowledge the message received in case of exception. The intention is to keep the message in the Queue in case of exception. But seems its not working. is there any way to keep the message in queue until the acknowledge is sent to JMS provider.

I am using Universal Messaging with webMethods 9.8.

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