Though I have gone through JMS documentation, but not able to figure out clear idea on some topcs. Please help me to understand the below:

  1. What is the difference between JMS connection types No_transaction/ Local_transaction and XA_transacton?
    As in JDBC we have transactions boundary, how does it relate to JMS?

  2. In JMS trigger service properties, there is a property called Acknowledment mode. What is DUPS_OK_ACK? In what conditions should we use AUTO_ACK?

  3. In JMS trigger, what does Ignore locally publish mean?

4.In JMS trigger, what does durable subscriber mean? How and where are we using this durable subsciber later?

  1. What is named objects and how to create them?


which Messaging Provider are you referring to?
Broker or UM?


Messaging provider is UM