idocs successfully processed in SAP,Neither can be found within TN.

Looking for two idocs successfully processed in SAP, idoc number 776578 created 6/10/06 at 19:49:42 and idoc number 778574 created 6/10/06 at 12:21:59. Both are message type ZORDCHG862. Neither can be found within TN. Please research and provide the disposition of these idocs.

I have checked in Transaction Query Page to see the transactions.

There also no inf regarding the transactions.

where else i can check , where can they go :mad:

Did you checked SAPAdapter/sap logs or IS/rfc logs to make sure these transactions reached IS service (transport) thats hits your inbound pocess service?Debug the flow put savepipelineToFile and later restore it for debugging to make sure IS service received IDOC and routed to TN or not.



I have checked in IS/rfc logs it showing no transaction happened for tdi.

SAPAdapter/sap logs(Routing/Transactions) i could not see any thing

This implies iDOCS had not reached the webMethods
in such cases how can we keep track of such iDOCS

Can you describe the details of your set up? How do you have things configured to route the IDocs to TN?

Generally the status 03 does not indicate the IDOCs have reached the destination. It only implies that it has reached the port. However, the RFC gateway within SAP needs to be checked and also the RFC queue (Tx. SM58) to be checked.