iDocs not successfully recieved in webMethods 6.5 - May be an iDocList null issue?

We are having an issue in receiving the IDOCs for one of the interface in SAP. The IDOCS for other interfaces are working fine so the connection to SAP is NOT an issue here. I checked the transactions logs to see if the IDOCS for the interface having issues were getting rolled back. They had the status of confirmed so they are getting received from SAP but not in the flow service in webMethods.

I did some debugging and it seems like the iDocs might be failing in the flow service where it expects an iDocList in the input and it is not blank. This iDocList is an input parameter in the flow service that receives the iDoc from SAP. This parameter is not editable by the user. Does someone know about it? Is it a parameter that SAP is missing to pass to webMethods? The wm environment is 6.5 on Windows 2003

Does someone know about this issue? How can debug it more? Any help will be highly appreciated.

The IDOC element will be a list by default when you do a transformFlatToHierarchy.
It is suggested that you provide the document type name (of idoc create from DTD or schema) to the ‘confirmsTo’ input parameter of the service.



Thanks for your reply. Nothing has been changed. Everything was workign fine couple of days back. The server.log has his error

[ISS.0098.0049C] Exception:com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: Expecting an IDoc while executing trigger. Rejecting Document for TriggerStore:SapListeners:orders05.

I disabled and renabled the listener but that didn’t help. Wonder how it would just stop working randomly. No patch and nothing else has been applied on webMethods servers.

Assuming you are running SAPAdapter6.5…and ALE Listener Notification(asynchronous)?

If possible try to bounce the IS trigger (disable/enable) in the developer and re-process the IDOC from SAP.Check if this works.


Thanks Rmg for your help. I did do that but I noticed that there were 2 listener notifications for the same message type. Not sure how the other one got created but I disabled the one not in use. I am able to recieve the iDocs now.