IDOCS not reaching webMethods

Hello All,

We are using webMethods 9.7

We are experiencing issues while received IDOCS from SAP.

Whenever an IDOC is sent from SAP it doesn’t reach webMethods but instead I can see below Error in server log:
[SAP.0110.0039W] Confirm action for nonexisting Transaction TID “96FB7347401055E42712002E”

Has anyone faced this issue? Kindy assist.


Do you observe any difference in server performance like, Specific transaction not working/Major transaction go through and some fails/major transaction fails?

I believe these type of issue are solved by increasing adapter pool size.

Hello Sai,

Thanks for you reply…

No, the transactions are not failing. We have not yet noticed this apart from the issue mentioned.

Currently the Maximum Pool Size = 200

Hi Nikhil,

which Version of SAP Adapter are you using? I assume 7.1, as you are on IS 9.7.

Please make sure that you have applied the recent Fix (Fix10+) and the appropriate JCo-Libs (3.0.12+) incl. IdocJco-Jar.
Shutdown and Start the IS after adding the files (see SAP-Adapter Administrators Guide for Details).
Please share these informations (Fix-Level and JCo-Version) from the SAP-Adapter About-Page.

Make sure you have configured Connection and Listener to store transactions and their bodys.
After that you can investigate these in SAP-Adapter-Admin under Transactions.

What happens if you try to Lookup the Metadata for your Idoc-Type in the SAP-Adapter-Admin?
Is it shown in the DDIC-Cache?


Hello Holger,

Please find below the required details:
Fix: SAP_7.1_Fix12
JCo Version: 3.0.12 (2014-11-21)

We have configured Connection and Listener to store transactions and their bodys but the IDOC is not visible in Transactions page.

I have attached the screen for Lookup & DDIC-Cache.

Let me know if you required any further details.

Appreciate your help…


Hi Nikhil,

can you share the About-page of the SAP-Adapter as a screenshot please?

Can you share the configuration of connection and listener?

Are there any other error messages in the server.log?

Remove the Idoc type from the DDIC cache and do a new lookup.
This soemtimes solves issues when the Idoc type changes on SAP-side and the SAP-Adapter does not pick up the changes.

Please check if some of the following Extended Settings might help you:

See SAP Adapters Administrators Guide for further informations.


Thank you Holger.

I have attached About page for SAP Adapter.

Also could you please confirm, I need to delete the IDOC Type from Adapters > SAP Adapter > DDIC-Cache > IDocs > Cached IDocs correct?


Hello Holger,

Please find attached SAP Connection and Listener screen.



Did you try reset the listener and IDOC’s then flows? I know this issue exist part of the SAP Adapter after some fixes and you may need to work with your BASIS team to adjust the transaction SMQS in SAP ECC if you are facing the issue continously (low or high volumes of IDOC’s)|SMQS&SessionID=1009231314

Please check with BAIS/SAG as well and let us know the outcome.


Hi Nikhil,

please create a new Listener using the connection alias as the repository alias.

Provide a Program_ID for this Listener, the SAP-System will be sending the Idoc to this Program-Id.

Create Listener Notification in Designer, referring to listener and the IdocType-Name.

After all of these are enabled, you should be able to receive the Idocs in your Server.

To answer the earlier question:
Yes, delete the Idoc from the DDIC-Cache (Adapters > SAP Adapter > DDIC-Cache > IDocs > Cached IDocs) and then do a fresh lookup.
BTW: this DDIC-Cache is deleted and recreated ayway when the IS starts or when the connection is disabled and enabled again.


Hello All,

The issue has been resolved.

The problem was, there was a listener with the same configuration in the DEV environment and which was enabled as well. So the IDOCs were going to DEV env.

Someone have created it during testing and forgot to disable it back.

I disabled the listener in DEV and the now issue is resolved.

Many thanks for your help.

Because of this, I got to know all the possible scenarios which can cause this type of issue.