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How to convert an xml (which is in RosattaNet format) file to IDOC.
please help me am new to SAP integration. After that the SAP sends us an IDOC which again has to be converted back to XML.
please help me

Please go tru the SAP Adapter userguide for details of transformation/conversion.

Use the SAP adapter builtin IDOC core services like
transformHierarchyToFlat (creates IDOC’s format) map RNet XML to IDOC structure and send to outboundprocess
transormFlatToHierarchy(creates IDOC-XML format) map the structure to your canonical XML.


Just some basics for the SAP inbound/outbound implementations:

Inbound to SAP:
1.The xml data can be send as an input to the;decode service.
2.use service which sends the IDOC to the respective SAP client.

Outbound from SAP:
1.Use the
2.Map the boundNode to the webMethods representation of the IDOC structure.
3.Once you have the webmethods form of IDOC, you can manipulate with the doc.
Note:In case of outbound documents,routing rules needs to be created and webMethods listener needs to be configured.


Based on your reply i have one question regarding Inbound to SAP

Is decode step required? or can we use like this

Inbound to SAP: (creates IDOC flat RFC format)
2.use OutboundProcess service which sends the IDOC to the respective SAP system.

Please clarify.


The steps you had mentioned can be followed. accepts the boundNode as the input(webMethods document representing the IDOC). service accepts the xml string as the input.
Output for both the services is the same. Correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks for the clarification,
yes both above examples should work the same,but unless we have xmldata IDOC-SAP XML specification decode will work.But mostly i have seen using tranformHierarchyToFlat and then invoke outbound service.


Could some one tell me whether there are any specific structures for IDOC? If so what are the names of those structures?
And what does canonical document mean?

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Iam sorry. Iam learning…
As far as I know SAP system recognizes IDOC (Intermediate documents).
Are there any specific structure for these documents.
IF i have a Purchaseorder flatfile or EDI and i convert it into IDOC to post it into SAP, does it have a format or a specific structure ??

Thank you

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SAP provides many IDOC’s with predefined structures. You can extend these IDOC types to customize for your own purpose or you can create new IDOC types from scratch. For example, ORDERS05 is the IDOC type used for purchase orders. SAP transaction WE60 will allow you to view IDOC formats.

Thanx for ur reply. I wanted this answer. So many have replied me saying tht they didnt understand the Question. Thankyou