Hi This is Ravi

I need your’s help immd.
After completed EAI work ,send this data to SAP in the form of IDOC.
Using webMethods can i create IDOC and send this IDOC to SAP is it possible?

If it is possible give me the details and servicess

Pls i want immd.



Are you talking about webMethods Enterprise Server or Integration Server?

Basically you need to use Enterprise SAP Adapter to accomplish converting to IDOC and push it to SAP–Enterprise Server (EAI)

Basically you need to use webMethods B2B SAP Adapter to accomplish converting to IDOC and push it to SAP–Integration Server

Please go thru the SAP adapter documentation and how to install on webMethods?


count list of idocs

Hi Ravi,

You need to write a Java service that creates an IDOC object and its constituent IDOCControl and IDOCSegment objects. You need to populate the values for the necessary keys as per the type of IDoc you want to generate. The SAP Adapter documentation has a detailed example on how to create this java service. If your IDoc type is different from that in the example, you need to find out the corresponding property names and populate the values for those accordingly.

Once the IDoc is created, you can send the IDoc to the SAP server by invoking the “” service, passing in your exports and tables. (Follow the SAP Adapter guide for more details)