I’m using SAP BC 4.7 to receive IDOCs from SAP, thru RFC. I have to convert these IDOCs to xCBL Order/ChangeOrder XML. I already have a flow that call the transformFlatToHierarchy and than loops thru the fields to generate an Order XML xCBl 3.0 (generates a document and then calls recordToDocumentString). I was reading the manuals and discovered a XSL file, to be used on the It seems to me that this could convert an IDOC directly to the Order XML. The thing is that it’s expecting a SAP IDOC (E1EDK01, …) and the IDOC that I’m receiving seems to be what is called a RFC IDOC (ZE1HD01, …)

Can anyone explain this better to me, if I’m interpreting what I read correctly, and if there is a way to convert RFC IDOC to SAP IDOC? And maybe explain me better how this flow works? SAP - RFC - SAP BC 4.7?

Thank you very much.

Even if this service is used you have to build XSL template with all the mapping IDOC-XML,so instead of mapping in webMethods this is done in XSL using Stylus studio tool or something similar and do the XSLT transformation in webmethods this created IDATA Document structure.