Hi all,

I have a requirement where I need to convert IDOC to XML and send it to the partner.

I have few questions: If the partner needs for example 50 fields. Do I need to create a document with 50 strings and convert it into XML?

or Do i need to get XSD from the partner for the XML?? How should i proceed. Please help…its urgent.

Thanks in advance.


As part of this assignment, you are going to transform source (Idoc) data to XML format. (Partner understanding document)…

Hopefully your partner asked to map to their XML strcture from source document…

  1. In that case get XSD/DTD from partner for that XML strcture.
  2. Create IS document document structure from those XSD/DTD
  3. Map Idoc values to IS Doc struture (XML) - For example in your case 50 fields mapping
  4. Transform IS doc struture to XML using documentToXMLString service
  5. finally send xml content to your partner through TN or http or other protocol as per your requirement.

Thanks Raj. That’s exactly what I need. You cleared my doubt.


Cool… That’s nice to hear…