IDoc to XML

I am looking for a way to quickly and easily convert an IDoc to XML. I know SAP as the ability to send the IDoc as xml, but unfortunatly I do not have access to SAP. What I do have access to is, in the WM Administrator, under Adapter | routing, displays the routing window and under the Transaction menu, displays all the IDoc received, I can click the TID and then the View as XML. This has been working great for me to convert the IDoc to xml; however, I am now getting an error message that says “System does not support the specified encoding, Error processing resource …”

Is there another way to convert the Idocs in this transaction log to xml? How can I access these IDocs with out going through the WM Administrator?


I want to convert the SAP IDoc to xml format.Is there any tools that convert SAP IDco to xml format.If so please inform me is there any free/trial versions i can download.

please help me in this regard.


Have you tried this service,