IDOC segment writing and converting a document to string to send email

Hi folks,

I have an urgent issues that is stopping us from going live. can somebody pls help

I have an IDOC segment by name E1EDKA1 whose total length is 1063. while writing this in a text file and opening it in notepad, notepad allows only 1025 characters in a single line and it automatically takes the rest of the characters in another line. The SAP is not able to process this file due to this. If I make it to a single line then sap is able to process it.

  1. Do we have an option to fit all the 1063 characters in a single line.

  2. I have a IS document with some information. I just need to convert it to a string for sending it as email. If I am using convertToString(flat file) it is asking for a schema. My requirement is just to convert the IS document structure into a string and send it as email. Do you have any ideas on it.

Let me know you thoughts on it.


what are you doing in respect of the fields that this data is populating. E1EDKA1 is a repeating segment is there a particular instance that is erraneous [PARVW -> WE, RE,LF,AG]

Explain a bit more

  1. I take it you’re manually editing the file for some reason. Use an editor that has a max line length that is greater than 1024. One such editor is TextPad, which has a 4096 max line length. There are others.

  2. Use pub.xml:documentToXMLString