IDOC File port format to XML format


I’m using Webmethods 4.6 with the SAP Adapter. I would like to transform one IDOC File port format to one IDOC in XML, the problem is that i haven’t connection to the SAP system to use the service. I tried too, to use the sap.idoc:transformFlatToHierarchy service with unsuccessfully results.

If can be useful, i have the IDOC dtd.

Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mario,

you absolutely need a connection to the SAP where the idoc file has been created to import all the structure of your idoc. (see inside DDIC Cache for idoc structure)

then use theses services :
decodeSDATA (for idoc type 3 or 4)

without SAP connection you have to use the EDI Adapter and declare a template for your file

best regards

Thanks Daniel,

That was my impression.

Best Regards.