Ideal time out for Database connection..?

Hello all,

    while setting configuration values for Adapters..  to know exact value of block time out.!   I am wondering to know what is the Ideal time out for Database connection if we are using  Oracle. 


To make sure we have the same understanding, the block timeout is the amount of time for a thread to wait until a connection from the pool becomes available. How long is reasonable to wait depends on your integration. I’ve seen block times up to 5 minutes, though I’ve no idea if any threads have ever actually had to wait that long.

The default time of 1 second is not useful, IMO. That’s far too short. I’d say anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes would be good place to start.

Implied in your post is that you may be wondering about idle timeout–the amount of time a connection in the pool remains idle before the connection pool manager closes the connection. The idle timeout configured in the connection should always be slightly less than the idle timeout configured on the database side. If the database drops the connection before the JDBC adapter does, then your integrations can encounter errors related to the stale connection. If your DB is configured to drop idle connections after 2 hrs, configure your JDBC connection idle timeout to 1:55.

Here again the idle timeout default value of a new connection, 1 second, is far too short. Contact your DB team to find out the idle timeout setting of the DB or you can query for it if you have privileges. The query to run can be found on the 'net.