IBM Supplement Code Page 864 Conversion

I need to convert a field (Arabic text) from ASCII to IBM Supplement Code Page 864 Arabic format. Currently this data is being processed by Oracle and Code Page conversion is being handled by a Virtual Basic routine.

This data will now be extracted by a Natural program and I need to know if there is any Natural Utility, a Function or an API routine that will do the job.

The size of the extracted file is about 12000 records.

Thanks for your help,

Arif M Razvi
Natural/Adabas System Administrator

Unix/Solaris Solaris 2.8
ADA 3.3.1 Patch Level 8 WCP 2.1.1 Patch Level 38

Windows WIN200 Pro SP4 WCP 2.6.1
NAT 6.1.1 Patch Level 9 (International)

There’s always brute force.

Code both character sets in your program, extract the data as alpha, and use EXAMINE TRANSLATE.

Otherwise - wait for NATURAL 6.2 :wink: