As Natural packages a decimal (COMP, COMP 3, OTHER?

Hello, I am needing to unmake decimals that are in natural from java. Has anyone done any of this? Do you know in what format they are packaged or do you know a java library?
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how are you getting that data into Java ?

I’ll tell you, the system was in a Natural / db2 environment and we migrated these tables to a Postgresql database. The problem that I have that the P (13,2) fields that were redefined within a char field are packed and I cannot read them. I put an example:

3 MONTHS1 (P13,2 / 1: 13)

Nice one ! (nfc)

Check into the IBM Data Access Accelerator Library

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Thanks for the answer! The problem I have is that the information is already migrated to Postgresql! I need to be able to read that field that was migrated as a string from a Java program through jdbc to the postgresql table. IBM no longer participates.

This is just a class library provided by IBM, it includes functions for transformation of packed decimal data.

Oh, okay! I’ll investigate!
Thanks a lot.

You didn’t specify your source and target platforms. If the DB2 data is stored as EBCDIC characters and the ProgreSQL is stored as ASCII, your embedded COMP-3 values will have been corrupted during the transfer.

Let’s take the value 40,404 as an example. In DB2 the COMP-3 field will be x’40404F’ which is alpha ’ |’ (2 spaces and a logical nor). After conversion of the alpha characters to ASCII, the COMP-3 value will be x’20207C’, or 20,207.

Another example: -40,406 becomes 20,205. That is, x’40406D’ translates to x’20205F’.

In most cases, the result is an invalid COMP-3 value.

Good afternoon, I can not find the library in the link you attached. Where could I get it from?

It tells me to use the package but I don’t see where the library is.

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As when migrating from mainframe to Windows, the migrator converted me from EBCEDIC to ASCI and from there it was uploaded to the Postgresql base. What I was thinking of doing was before running the unmaking was run an ASCI to EBCEDIC converter.

I don’t believe you will be able to correct the damage by running an ASCII-EBCDIC conversion, but this depends on what exactly happened during the EBCDIC-ASCII conversion. I suspect that many hex codes were converted to spaces and cannot be reversed properly.

As an example, I used Natural’s utility to convert EBCDIC to ASCII to EBCDIC and the result did not match the original string.

I suggest you pass the following set of “characters” through your process to see if you get your anticipated result. These are all the byte values found in COMP-3 fields, as they might be defined in a Natural program:

1 #ORIG (A130)     INIT
<H'00010203040506070809' - H'0C0D0F'
-H'10111213141516171819' - H'1C1D1F'
-H'20212223242526272829' - H'2C2D2F'
-H'30313233343536373839' - H'3C3D3F'
-H'40414243444546474849' - H'4C4D4F'
-H'50515253545556575859' - H'5C5D5F'
-H'60616263646566676869' - H'6C6D6F'
-H'70717273747576777879' - H'7C7D7F'
-H'80818283848586878889' - H'8C8D8F'
-H'90919293949596979899' - H'9C9D9F'