IBM MQ backout configuration implementation in UM


We are presently doing IBM MQ to UM migration project .

In MQ if there is any message content error or if receiving application can not process the message correctly from the original queue , then the message is delivered to Backout Queue(BOQ) instead of original queue.

Here Backout and original queues both are Qmanager objects which are defined in MQ server.
And logic maintained at original queue by defining some queue properties(BOTHRESH and BOQNAME)

Below are the properties of MQ queue.

QUEUE(original queue name)
BOQNAME(Backout queue name)

After 3 tries if application fails to process the message fromoriginal queue then it will go to BOQ which is defined in BOQNAME parameter.
and the Queue which is defined in BOQNAME parameter also needed to define similar like original Queue with out BOTHRESH and BOQNAME properties

BOQ mechanism is optional if no BOQ mechanism is not there the message will go to Dead Queue in case of any processing error.

In UM if there is any error message in the queue, then the other messages will not get process until the error one was cleared out from the queue.
So please suggest the possible ways if any, whether we can achieve the similar solution in UM like MQ.

Awaiting for the response…