iaik.security.ssl.SSLException: Server certificate rejected

We have digital certificates installed on IS 4.0.2 server.

Https post/get works fine with two of our partners using webMethods servers.

We have another partner using BizTalk server and a two chain cert with a valid date.
We have their server cert and the Root installed in the trusted directory.

When I do a https ‘post’ thru wM Integrator I get the following error.

“Could not run the service
java.io.IOException: iaik.security.ssl.SSLException:
Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier”

Any suggestions to get this to work would be appreciated.

PA Dept. of Public Welfare had a problem during installation of an SSL certificate on our webMethods server. The certificate of the Certificate Authority (cacert.der) was overlayed by our own certificate (cert.der).

This is what we did to correct the problem:  We imported/re-created the "cacert.der" file, and ran a https test against our webMethods server name,'egovdev'.  This ran successfully.

Note that when we ran the test thru the Internet Explorer browser, this problem did not occur since most browsers have the Certificate  Authority certificates built-in.