In the NaturalONE Help one can navigate to the following page:
Software AG Designer Guides > NaturalONE Help > Application Development > Natural for Ajax > Typical Page Layout

Here we can scroll down to the property adapterlisteners of a NATPAGE element.
It says:

The keyword IAdapterListener is not linked.
Where can I find an “official” link to further documentation?

It used to be found in the legacy(?) Application Designer Java API documentation (JavaDoc).
But this seems to have disappeared from the SAG documentation site.
It also used to be locally available in the cisnatural webapp via the Application Designer Workplace under Java API but it is no more.


Hi Hubert,

The IAdapterListener interface is described in the corresponding Java Docs of the Ajax framework. The Java Docs are not provided on the Software AG documentation sites.

I guess you have installed Natural ONE 8.2.7?
For ONE 8.2.7 you’ll find a small chapter in the Software AG documentation which describes how to access the Java Docs: http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/naturalONE/natONE827/core/ajaxdev/ad-start.htm#ad-start-javaext

Best Regards,

Hi Christine,
thanks very much.
No, I am still using ONE 8.2.6.

I read the paragraph about Developing Java Extensions on the page you mentioned.
However, in my own /.naturalone/apache-tomcat/webapps/cisnatural there is no cisjavadoc.zip file.

But cis.jar and sdo.jar are in …/cisnatural/WEB-INF/libs all right.
Can we have another try?


Hi Hubert,

the cisjavadoc.zip only exists in versions ONE 8.2.7 and higher.

The way to use Adapter Listeners is the same in ONE 8.2.6 and ONE 8.2.7. Besides the ONE 8.2.6 installation, do you also have a NJX 8.2.6 installation? If yes, then you can easily read the corresponding JavaDocs from your NJX installation. In an NJX installation you’ll find the JavaDocs in the following directory:


Please let me know if you need more information to get your Adapter Listener running.

Best Regards,

Hi Christine,

I will check and start reading.
For new versions, a direct link on the Help page would be quite welcome, too.