i need a way to conver a wsdl file into a soap message

my idea is:

  1. get the wsdl file with the ‘request document’ statement
  2. convert the wsdl file into a soap request using either XSLT style sheet or any XML toolkit from Natural creating the SOAP message on the fly or following the WSDL2Java approach by creating natural subprograms to build the sopa message
  3. call the web service using ‘request document’ again

everything should be inside of a natural application
with kind regards


I’m not sure if this would go, but why don’t use EntireX to do this Work. I have something in my mind, that a marketing sheet of SAG would talked about transparent WSDL/SOAP transformation by using an IDL. I don’t know if this is true, but this would be my first idea to look for a solution like this.

Greetings Sascha Wiegandt