I can't see Tamino WebDAV Folder(drive) Icon

I installed Tamino WebDAV Server. But I can’t see Tamino WebDAV Folder(drive) Icon on either my desktop or Windows explorer.

I was trying to create Web folder in Tamino Web Server.

Help is apprecaited.


Hi Dan,

Which version do you use? How did you try to create WebFolder? Did you follow the guidelines in Animated Online Tutorial? Is the server up? You can check this, if you enter
in your Web browser.


Yes, Server is up.
http://localhost:4000/taminowebdavserver is OK.
I can browse it in IE. I can’t see Tamino WEbDav folder icon in WIndows explorer.

But I can’t create new folder.
I can’t use most verbs such as MKCOL, PUT and etc.

I am using windows XP and IIS is installed.