I can't process image at "How am I doing" of Process Analytics using FireFox 3.5.2

Hello, everyone.

I’m sorry that I am not good at English then my words are able to be grammatical errors.

I am studying webMethods BAM(Optimize) 7.1.2 at Window Vista and Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4.
And I use Firefox 3.5.2 at Browser.

At “How am I doing?” TAB of Mointoring>Process Analytics, I can’t see Process Flow and I just see “Waiting for data” Message.
But It didn’t have error message on server logs of IS, MWS, Analysis.

But I can see Proces flow at next “What can I improve?” TAB.
Of cause, I did upgrade flash player at recent version “”

What problem is this?

I have the same issue intermittently. Seems to be a Flash issue. Some time this resolves and displays and sometime it doesn’t.

Hi ,

Did you updated the extended setting;

auditStore = database ?


Thank you for question.

We use Oracle DB 10 XE for auditStore.

I couldn’t solve this problem at FireFox.
And I tested this problem at IE 8.0. Still Error like this problem occured.
Finally, I found a workaround.
It is to use IE 7.0.

I downgraded from IE 8.0 to IE 7.0 and then Optimize is working well without any problem.
Now, I don’t use Firefox when optimize test.:wink: