I am new to webMethods i need help from all professional

I am new to webMethods, so i need webMethod architecture and i need detail explanation of it and the internal process also

You will find lots of info here. Also, if you need specific WM product documentation, you will need to register on http://advantage.webmethods.com and you can download all documents there.

If you need actual WM products architecture (how its imlimented and what components are in webMethods) then introductory docs with your product install or Advantage will have this. But if you are looking for actual Architecture examples of how webMethods is used to solve business problems, forexample Architecture for WM B2B Hub inetgration system or how to make EAI integration with SAP and Siebel then these are customer specific and have only loose general patterns. Each customer implimentation is different in some ways but have some common elements. Such architecture dicuments are not available in standard docs. But you may look at GEAR on Advantage for some Implimentation guides and white papers for ideas.