Huge number of console errors related to InvalidJSONException


This one is not interrupting any functionality but something very noticeable. On a business console, while loading pages/ apps/ clicking on menu items (basically any action item) is resulting in a huge number of console logs below:

While this is not interrupting any functionality, it is very noticeable and disturbing especially during the development as custom logs go into vain due to these massive repetitive messages.

I know I can filter on the console logs using browser features but still curious to know if there is some way this can be fixed.

Hi Prasad,

This is already a known issue, this has been fixed and will be available with next official fix for 9.12 Business Console, i.e., Business Console 9.12 Portal Fix 7, which we will be releasing by end of this month or Early June.

If you need a test patch to verify the solution, please raise a Support Incident with SoftwareAG and we can provide you the same.

Thanks & Regards


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Thanks for the update Vinay :slight_smile: