HTTPS request


We have a certificate in .p12 that has transmitted the remote server.

We want to create a service webMethods for making HTTP requests to this server.
How to configure webMethods consider the certificate?

How to make a call on webMethods https taking into account the certificate?

Thank you for your help

Trading networks is the place where you have to configure the certificate. Create a TP with the Receiver system information. In the delivery method, you can configure the Primary https URL and authentication details… Go to the Security tab, and import the certificate… I dont think you can directly import .p12 certificate… You have to convert it to .cer/.der and then import it…


I am not sure if you use trading networks, but you can configure your partner certificates from IS administration page->security->certificates-> configure client certificates. For additional information plz check IS administrator’s guide.

Thank you for your reply.

I just added the certicate I converts. cer.
Now how to create a service that can call the https?

Thank you for your help.


I defined my certificate in " security-> certificates-> configure customer certificates " >> certificat.cer

I would like to know how to request HTTPS.
I read that it was necessary to make:

1 °) To Use the service

2 °) Make a http requete normal with pub.client:http

1 °) To Use the service

How works because I do not understand what I have to put in privKeyFile and certFiles ?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Lez,
If you are configuring client certificate on your Is to connect to the client then you need to Root Certificate (i.e. CA Cert) and all the intermideate cert (if it is there) and copy this CA cert and all intermediate cert to you CA Cert location and refresh the cache or restart the server then make a call to remote server.
Please check the documentation for the usage of the service, as per my knowledge you need to set your server’s private key @ ‘privKeyFile’ and customers public certificates to the ‘certFiles’.