Neither certificate nor password was provided

Hello Experts,

I am trying to do an HTTPS call to a client using a pfx Certificate.
I am able to connect to their system but am don’t see a valid response. Instead, the response says “Neither certificate nor password was provided”.

I have clients PKCS 12 certificate imported to the DEFAULT_IS_KEYSTORE and *.der certificates in truststore.

In My floew service i have

Could anyone help me with the issue??

Any one who can help me resolve this issue


The following setup worked for me:

  • adding a new keystore alias in the IS keystore
  • In the IS service I have the following calls: (keystoreAlias and the keyAlias are the previously configured ones)

Maybe it will help you.

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Import the trust certificate from IS -> Security -> Certificates -> Configure Client Certificates. You can set the usage as per your need. SSL Auth if thats what you are looking for.


Ashish Bania

Hi ,

Could any please share the steps of instaling a pfx certificate in webMethods.

the steps i am folowing are:

  1. installing the pfx certificate
  2. extracting the certificate in DER format from the pfx file
  3. creating a truststore
  4. impoting the DER certificates into trustsore using keytool
  5. create keysore
  6. extract prvate key from PFX in .p12 format.
  7. install the p12 to keystore using keytool
  8. configure the keystore and truststore under Securrity----> keystore
  9. i my flow service invoke below (keystoreAlias and the keyAlias are the previously configured ones)