How to create a service that can call the HTTPS?

I defined my certificate in " security-> certificates-> configure customer certificates " >> certificat.cer

I would like to know how to request HTTPS.
I read that it was necessary to make:

1 °) To Use the service

2 °) Make a http requete normal with pub.client:http

3 °) To Use the service

How works because I do not understand what I have to put in privKeyFile and certFiles ?

Thank you for your help.

Maxime: I recomend you to read 8-0-SP1_Administering_Integration_Server.pdf chapter 14.

Step1) Create a keystore with the keytool command.
Step2) Export the certificate .cer (keytool)
Step4) Import the certificate into the trustStore (keytool)
Step3) Configure a keystore and trustStore in IS.

Read the chapter, do this things and come back for more help in case you need it.

Best regards


I am trying to set a Client Certificate with setKeyAndChain.

I generated and self-signed the keys with openssl following the instructions at 2008 | Code Ghar…-with-openssl/. Then I converted them to DER format and imported them to the local windows “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” keystore ,.

From my opinion everything looks ready for the two-way handshake (the one-way handshake works if the partner abandons the client certificate).

But I always get a “ Peer sent alert: Alert Fatal: certificate unknown” exception.

Is there a HowTo that describes the creation of self-signed certs and the use of the setKeyAndChain service? Could you please describe step by step if not?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Winz