HTTPS client/IS connection: "Certificate chain broken"

Hi all,

My app is a Java Client app using wM API to connect to a IS port. When we use only HTTP through user/pass authentication, the communication is perfect, but when we go through a HTTPS port, we cannot get it to work!!

I turned on the debug mode on IS and get this:
ssl_debug(5): Starting handshake (iSaSiLk 3.03)…
ssl_debug(5): Sending v2 client_hello message, requesting version 3.1…
ssl_debug(5): Received v3 server_hello handshake message.
ssl_debug(5): Server selected SSL version 3.1.
ssl_debug(5): Server created new session CA:91:53:D0:4D:23:6E:9C…
ssl_debug(5): CipherSuite selected by server: SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5
ssl_debug(5): CompressionMethod selected by server: NULL
ssl_debug(5): Received certificate handshake message with server certificate.
ssl_debug(5): Server sent a 1024 bit RSA certificate, chain has 2 elements.
com.wm.util.LocalizedCertificateException: [ISC.0009.9001] Certificate chain broken: not linked properly
at iaik.x509.ChainVerifier.verifyChain(Unknown Source)
at Source)

ssl_debug(5): Sending alert: Alert Fatal: bad certificate
ssl_debug(5): Shutting down SSL layer…
ssl_debug(5): SSLException while handshaking: Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

I got a PKCS#12 certificate from the customer and used openSSL to create the Private Key + Public Key, but had no joy to create the communication.

When access the custormer server URL using the browser I´m prompt to select one certificate from the installed ones in it, otherwise I can’t get a successful connection.


Tkx in advance!