HTTPS Post of cXML Not Received by Vendor


I am sending a cXML request v1.2.014 to a vendor through our integration server using a HTTPS POST and vendor doesn’t receive the cXML request at all.

We have exchanged the certificates and i don’t see what could be the issue. The same cXML has been received successfully by other vendors.

Vendor who is not receiving is using webmethods.

I get a 500 error message:
The document received is not a cXML request or is unknown by the AribaSupplier OnRamp package.

Any idea what could be wrong.



The error message indicates that the post is indeed being received by the partner’s IS server, but that their Ariba OnRamp package does not recognize the document.


Mark -

I have the vendor view the cXML file but its just that they don’t see the file at all.

Vendor doesn’t get the cXML request but i see that the actual cXML document is going from our IS. Its their end they don’t receive the cXML document.

This is the pipeline that the vendor sent me:









Appreciate any help on this.

Hi Kumar,
Start troubleshooting with the simple document exchange test. Are you using TN or does your partner use TN? In that case try to post a small xml doc to the partner TN by calling their service. Partner’s TN may not recognise the doc but at least it wil ensure that you are putting your document content where partner expects you to…


Mark and Bhawesh -

We are not using TN. The same message is being received by other vendors but not this vendor.

Is there anything (configurations/network etc) that has to be set to receive the cXML document at their end?

Trust the error message you are seeing:

“The document received is not a cXML request or is unknown by the AribaSupplier OnRamp package.”

As Mark pointed out, this means that their IS is receiving the document but their Ariba OnRamp doesn’t like the format. Get a copy of the document you are sending them and send it to them via e-mail. With that document they should be able to debug their side. They should be seeing errors in their server/error logs.

i did sent the cxml document to the vendor through email. They were able to process the cxml successfully.

they are just not receiving the cxml document whereas from my side it sends the cxml successfully.

Any more thoughts or hints.


Hi Kumar,

Then ask your partner if they received the cXML message (same version as yours) from any other partner ( other than you) and processed successfully?

Your partner may not have installed/loaded in their system the cXML version you are sending.

Also, are you setting the message content-type and the message header info correctly?

  • Bhawesh.

Bhawesh -

In my preivous conversation with the vendor (didn’t discuss about the version of cXML of other vendors), they are receiving cxml orders from other vendors. Not sure of the version. I just did send them an email asking them the version of CXML that they are receiving from other vendors.

We are sending a cXML order - 1.2.014 and in their response i see that the version they are using is 1.1.009.

The message content-type is text/xml and message header-info is set correctly.

If i hear anything from them i will update you. If you have anything let me know.

Thanks for the response.

A partner is sending a cXML document through their custom built application to our TN. The document is not recognized by TN. When i submit that cXML internally it get recognized. When i look at the content, $content type is text/xml and $contentEncoding is “$null”.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.