HTTPS Port Creation


We are doing some poc on https port creation for that i’ve generated privated key by using CertificateToolkit.While configuring the https port i had given the Private Key as ‘packages\Https\pub\S2.der’ but i didn’t specify any Server’s Certificate or Authority’s Certificate.
One morething after creating the private key(i.e. .der) using CertificateToolkit we’re trying to create .pem file for that i’ve given all information like email id but i didn’t get any response from VeriSign site.

While enabling the port i’m getting the error like ==>Failed to start HTTPSListener@2222: [ISS.0070.9009] Error starting to listen:

Could you please let me know the process for creation of simple https port.


Hey Anil,

From my poor experience, I saw that you have to use all the three certificates to start the HTTPS port.
Also you can’t use a pem certificate. you have to use a valid der one.

Anyway. I think you have to create your own certificates using the pk you created.
Or use OpenSSL to create those.

Take a look into this post and see if it helps: