Hello every one,

environment: webMethods 6.1
platform: windows

My requirement was to do a HTTPs Get to retrieve a file from external website.And below are the steps i followed by going thru this forum and webM docs

  1. I logged into our partner’s https accessible website and retrieved the certificate(by clicking on the lock button below the web-page and importing it as .der file)
    2.Installed the cert in IS Admin–>certificates–>configure client certs
  2. Wrote a sample flowservice using http(built in) with below parameters
    url: https://…/testfilename.txt

When tried running my above service(in step 3) i am getting below error refused: Connect

Is what i am doing right or missing anything?.Please let me know


And couple of add-on’s to my above post

  1. I tired the url from the webMethods box to make sure it is accessible from the box and the ports are opened
  2. we had already configured our IS certs i.e. Server’s Signed Certificate,Signing CA’s Certificate and Server’s Private Key

Hope these points help


if the server’s cert (the one you are trying to connect to) is self-signed, or signed by a CA doesn’t exist in you CA store, try to put the server’s cert (self-signed case) or its CA to the CA store and refresh the CA cash.
Hope this helps.

On top of tongwang’s reply, you also need to add the intermediate certificates of the client in your CA trust store if exists.