Hi I want to do https from my wm server 6.1. I have the clients https url. What shold I do to send the xml data to clients https url. I am using the pub.http service but where and how can I attach the certs.Do I need to configure my IS with there certs??
Please provide me some knowledge on https from IS.


When you are sending xml data to clients https url,just you need to have their connectivity credentials username/password and content-type=“text/xml”.you dont need to configure IS with certficates.unless your client wants SSL handshaking when connecting to their DMZ or secured server.
If so then you need to configure an https port and install the certificates in the IS/Config folder and get CA signed certificate,your client certificate and place this in the Trusted folder IS/certs…

Restart the IS and finally test the connectivity.


And also do send your CA signed certificate to your client before connectivity testing,so that they will store it on their system and use when doing the SSL handshaking.



You will indeed need certificates on your server if it’s acting as a client. Checkout the section in the AdministratorGuide - Managing Server Security pg. 122. It will list a number of items you need before configuring SSL (either as server or client).