IS as SSL Server

Here is our scenario:

SSL Client – Non-wm (Java Application running on tomcat. Would probably go for Verisign)
SSL Server – IS 6.1 (we created https port and have our own Private, public and CA)

Communication – Only one way. From Java app to webMethods

Question: What certificates and keys needs to be exchanged as a part of configuration/code setup.

My initial guess was SSL client needs SSL server’s CA in its trusted folder.
SSL Server needs SSL client’s CA and public key in its trusted folder.

Can anybody confirm ?

Since this is only one-way from client to your server, I don’t think your client needs your server’s CA.

You are correct. You will need the client’s CA and pub key in your trusted folders. For the port, you will need to set the Specific Creditentials as this is where the WM server knows where your trusted folders are located on your server. Also, set your Port settings to ‘require certificates’.