Establishing secure https connection on the unix environment with webMethods65

We have received the cert from our client, url(https) and uid, pwd)

I have converted .cert file into .der file using CertificateToolkit.

As suggested in admin guide, Created directory …webMethods6/IntegrationServer/config/certs and
placed the .der file

Imported that der file into "Security > Certificates > Configure Client Certificates " in Integration server


Try to make a secure https call using pub.client:http flow service.
Added uid and pwd
content type : text/xml
method: post

But I am getting 404 error.

Am I missing any steps here? Do anybody has any idea of how to post xml using secure https post method
in webMethods65 running on unix solaris 10?


Have you set up an https port on your IS.If not you would need to configure the IS first for https.You would need to create a private key using the webmethods certificate toolkit and then generate a CSR and get signed certificate from signing authority like verisign or thawte . Then you will have specify the paths to there certificates under certificates tab on IS admin console.Then create an https port and finally import the client certificates and map them to the user.


Hmmm… a 404 error means your file was not found, so the URL may be incorrect.

If you had a certificate or SSL layer problem, you would not get this error.