http to https

Hi Guys,

We have openCAF web application that is available on http protocol. We would like to use https protocol to login to and access the pages of this application.

Is there any documentation available to switch to https protocol? Any plugins / fixes need to be installed on MWS server?

MWS server version: 9.8

Kind regards,

Hi Raja,

define an HTTPS port under Administration -> My webMethods Settings -> Cluster Settings and modify the frontend url of MWS to point to https://hostname:https-port.

You will require a certificate which is placed under MWS/server/default/configuration/security.
The certificate should be packaged as PKCS12 (.p12) file and the trusted certificate chain should be packaged as a JKS file.
There is a demo certificate in the mentioned location as a reference.

Change the names of the certificate files in MWS/server/default/bin/ and profiles/MWS_default/configuration/custom_wrapper.conf .

See MWS Administration Guide for Details.