Http status Error 403

Hello All,

we are using webMethods 4.6 and trading networks 4.6,sap adapter
we are in a process of testing the integrations one by one when we are trying to submit a canonical to trading networks we are stuck at send flow service we are getting an http status error 403 i have checked the Acl for the flow services ,content type =application/edi the document is not reaching trading networks atleast when i changed the content type to application/edi-x12 it doc reaches the trading networks but shows the sender and receiver information as unknow,

can some one help to solve this problem



Tell me are you submitting Canonical(IS Document)or EDI document to TN?

How are you submitting the document to TN?Actually using contenttype application/EDI should work fine.
There are various reasons of showing unknown,so check your TN processing rule and also the document that you are submitting to TN and match the sender/receiver id’s are sending correctly which has to match with your partnerprofile during document recognizition other wise TN will always use Default processing rule.Also make sure your processing rule is above the Defaul rule.

Also please elaborate on your process,so that it will easy for anyuser to respond.since you mentioned above that you are using canonical document,edi,contenttype/http bits of process only which is confusing.


Thanx RMG

Actually we are using partners A,B,C,D and we have mentioned document type and processing rules etc… but when i add a new partner x and copy the partner details of A TO X (copy the values extended feilds of the exsting partner to the new partner) its giving an error message as status error 403 when i tested the new one its giving this sattus error 403 but when i do testing using the A its giving status as 200 OK , what would be the problem is it in TN RMG



How can you use the same ExternalID’s from A to X?Did the profiles has different values,anyways TN wont allow duplicate Id’s,but i think you have to elaborate the processes you done for the TN partnerprofile/ExternalID setup.
Still i believe something you are missing to mention about your process so that we can guide you further.


Thanks RMG

we have used different External ids for both of them ,
We are able to process the data now we missed some of the Extended Feilds and now we are able to send it to TN …

Thanks for the response RMG .