HTTP response '401: Access Denied' when communicating with https://*****.5555/ws/*****WS

Hi All,

we are using the wM 9.7 , when partner is trying to invoke the webService call its getting the response “HTTP response ‘401: Access Denied’ when communicating with https://*****.5555/ws/*****WS”
we have face the same problem with other interface also there we have delete the user from ACL and create again its work file …but here also we can do the same but But I am not sure what is the problem why we need to delete the user form the ACL and create it again.
we have check the Certificate and ACL are fine but not understanding the how its working when we delete user form ACL and create it again…:frowning:

Please can you provide the value suggestion ?

Hi Miki,

are you sure that 5555 is your HTTPS-Port?
Usually this is the default HTTP-Port unless another Port is specified.

Please share an Overview of your Ports-Page as well as Certificates-Page from IS-Admin.

What type of ACL is assigned to this WebService? Is this a specific ACL for this partner or is this a build-in ACL?
Please share the ACL settings page for the WebService from Designer.

Where are the associated Users stored? In IS or MWS (aka Central User Management)?

Does restarting the IS without modifying the ACLs help?


In addition to above reloading the package which contained ACL helped you?

Hi Holger/M@he$h,

Thanks for your valuable comments,
Restarting the IS is not helping unless I will Delete and Create ACL for that user again.
Post 5555 is dummy one actual is 4445.
service permission details are:

List ACL, Write ACL, Execute ACL are set as default and Read ACL is Anonymous.

every this look good but deleting ACL for user and creating again same ACL doesnt look good :frowning:

Please suggest… :?

What do you mean by List ACL, Write ACL, Execute ACL are set as default and Read ACL is Anonymous?

What is the name of you ACL that you created?

Meanwhile check with SAG support to get more details. They might suggest some workaround.

Hi Miki,

please assign your custom created ACL via Designer to the WebService as follows:

Read ACL for retrieving the WSDL
Execute ACL for executing the WebService.

The User you have set in Designer for connecting to the IS must be a member of the ACL otherwise the assignment will not work.