HTTP Post Getting a baseURL (char=Â ; offset=847) response

Good Day,
I would appreciate any assistance with the following.
I have a flow service that is initiated by an http post. The service is invoked fine with certain posts, but there are occasions when on doing the post all I get after calling the xmlNodeTodocument flow, documentToxmlString and then I debugLog the xml string I get:
2013-02-04 16:17:50 SAST [ISC.0042.0001D] baseURL (char=Â ; offset=847)
2013-02-04 16:17:50 SAST [ISP.0090.0004C] <–Message Received → – <?xml version="1.0"?>
Where <?xml version="1.0"?> is the xml string being debugged the actual xml string should be a more complex document. The client is adamant that that there are no differences in the structure of the posted messages. Can anyone assist with the log baseURL (char=Â ; offset=847) and what this means.

Currently I’m running WM I.S 6.5 with SP3.


It looks like problem with character encoding. Try to enforce enocding declaration in xml from client.


Thank you for your response.
we were able to resolve this.

The client was posting non/no breaking spaces in certain messages these non break spaces were not correctly marked as a special character when the xmlNodeTodocument tried to format the message into a document it was failing on the non break space character.

we were able to get the client to remove the non break spaces from the messages.

Thanks for updating the thread back.