Http post and caching the result

I have a flow service that does a http(s) post and retrives result from an external site. At times, my service seems to be returning results from a cache. I receive header infroamtion with empty body. At other times, i receive a previously fetched result.
What setting should i be looking for?

Hi WebMethodsUser,

Kindly check the “properties(on right hand side of developer window)” of the service you have made in developer and make “cache results”=false

Cache result property explanation :
Specifies whether the server stores the service results in a local cache for the time period specified in the cache expire property.after the service executes, the server places the entire pipeline contents into a local cache.when subsequent request for the service provides the same set of input values, the server returns the cached results instead of invoking the service “True” to cache the service result.

Puneet Saxena

The Cache property is set to false.

We are having the similar problem…When we used restore/refresh on Developer, it works ok

Are you restorePipelines disabled?

This is something to do with the following extended settings:
Specifies how often (in minutes) the server sweeps the cache to remove expired cache entries and to prefetch cache service entries. The default is 10 minutes.

specify 0 for both of them and see what happens.

Good Luck!