HTTP post - 403 error

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I got a weird error posting a flatfile to another service using HTTP( On the same IS- my computer ). when i am invoking a gateway service on my IS, the status message was 403 - service error, but when i invoke some another service (randomly selected service on my IS) the status message was 200.

you can find the attached HTML view of my flow service.

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FlatFile.doc (90 KB)

Hi Veera,
Normally when http client service errors out 403 or any code appears in Status variable and then there is another variable called Status message comes along with it and it will have a detailed reason for the above error code. It would say whether syntax is wrong or unknown service or whatever may be the reason. What does your’s say?

Error 403 generally occurs when the resource is moved away from its place or resource not found or it cant be accessed in that particular way.

hi Suren,

Thanks for the reply. The status message was - service error. what implies if we get service error?

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It might mean that the target service that you are trying to execute is failing. One question, does the target service “flatFile.FlatFileToTN:flatfileGateway” has Try-Catch implemented in it?

Hi Suren,

Absolutely, The target service had try catch implementation. You know what the problem was resolved, it was really a minor mistake. actually i have hard coded the flatFile content in the data/string value. while doing that i have checked the “perform variable substitution” option :). I don’t know when i checked that option, when i unchecked that option, the HTTP was successful. Thank you so much for your involvement. I am a beginner and these type of mistakes will arise.

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