http message

Does anyone know if there is a way to specify the maximum number of concurrent http sessions that can be initiated from TN to any one trading partner? During times of load TN initiates a flood of messages causing grief to other partners.

If this can’t be customized to individual partner perhaps there’s a global limit that applies to all?

We are on IS 6.1

Bumped. No solution to this?

Does anyone know if this can be configured in a later version of webMethods 8.x which we’re planning to upgrade to?

Interesting question:

I don’t think there is any way for partner specific in old vs latest either…

Can this be a feature wish request to SAG?


We had a similar request at one client (throttle the sending of files). I hesitate to implement this on our end to manage external partner issues. They can put a queue/throttle on their end to handle processing. We even had a client ask us to send things ‘in order’. Yes anything can be done with code but I also hesitate to do this. Real time data or batches come out of back end systems and we can schedule things or send in real time of course. You can set up receiver queues and have them pick up the docs as they want. Maybe I’m a hardass or lazy but I think this could become a nightmare to manage unless there was an easy setting somewhere.