Http Header Authentication Permission Problem

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to setup the portal 7 to use Http Header Authentication. I use Sun Access Manager for the login page, which is configured to use LDAP for authentication. I also setup the portal to use the same LDAP server. When I enable HTTP Header Authentication, logging in from SAM login page, I can get through the portal authentication from the portal, suggesting that the header authentication works. However, after logging in, I can’t see the first page. The portal display a com.webmethods.portal.framework.WebAccessException exception message as follow:
[POP.007.0009] You are not authorized to view this resource.
When I click on the Home link, I can view the page correctly. If I remove HTTP header authentication and logging in manually using a user account from the LDAP server, I can see the home page correctly. I check the log, but couldn’t find any exception message other than the one mention above.
Does anyone know how to correctly setup for HTTP header authentication in the portal? Any help is appreciated.


I think the message is trying to tell you that the user you have authenticated as doesn’t have permissions to see that page.

To recap, you’ve successfully configured HTTP Header Authentication and MWS is recognizing the user that SAM authenticated.