http client

I am using http client service to invoke the tn receive service. I am sending data as a string for the http client service input.

The processing rule gets fired but i get the error that xml data, filedata or filestream should be specified in the log, and the service fails. A savetopipeline showed that there was no xml data being sent.

I tried to send it as bytes, args too (from previous posts in this forum). I have set the content-type to text/xml, and the encoding to ASCII

CAn anyone look into this nd let me know if they have seen this b4.


Read the ‘XML Services Developers Guide’ PDF file for information on how to correctly pass the data from your client application to the IS service.

Probably you used a savePipelineToFile. Use the savePipleine/restorePipeline instead, and you will see your data appear in the pipline. Good luck.